Paceline Cycles/Skipton CC Chaingang 2017


For another year we’ve teamed up with Paceline Cycles to run the Skipton chaingang. It’s the same route every week (Skipton to Buckden and back), total of 36 miles. Meet at 6:10PM (ish) at Paceline in Crosshills or 6:30PM outside Dave Ferguson Cycles in Skipton. Pace will be approx 20mph out and 23mph+ back. We should be back for 8:30.

We’ll aim stay together on the way out, but pace will be high, so you’ll need to be able to hold a high speed (think 18mph on a solo ride). The way back will be a chaingang from Buckden all the way back. Get into 2 lines as soon as possible coming out of Buckden. *After* Cracoe, it’s full gas to Skipton, it’s actually safer if it splits up a bit as a bunch sprint can be chaotic. Sprint point is Brackenley Lane junction.

  1. DON’T ATTACK UNTIL AFTER CRACOE!. If you rip it apart at Long Ashes, we’ll all have a long, dull, time trial back.
  2. Back off on the climbs! The ride won’t work if you pull on the climbs, weaker riders will lose your wheel and end up in the wind with no chance of catching up.
  3. Hold a wheel. At times you’ll need to push very hard to get on a wheel. It will hurt, but whatever happens don’t lose the wheel in front of you. Once you’re on a wheel it will get easier, in the wind it will only get harder.
  4. Point out potholes. When riding close at 20mph you won’t get any chance to see a pothole or load of gravel on the road. If you’re on the front you are the eyes of the group. Point out any potholes or other surface imperfections (shout “big hole” or “gravel” if needed).
  5. Don’t worry if you get dropped. Everyone gets dropped at some time or another. If you’re dropped on the way out, spin for a bit, turn around and jump on a wheel when the bunch comes passed on the way back. If you’re dropped on the way back, just follow the road back to Skipton, meet back at Dave‘s after the ride. Either way, don’t worry, you’ll get fitter, faster and more used to holding the wheel in front. Soon you won’t be dropped!
  6. Keep it tight. It’s a wide road so we won’t be lining out; to allow traffic to pass, we need to be really nice and tight. Think a few inches between wheels and a foot or 2 to the side, just to the outside of the drain covers (don’t ride in the drains though! we’ll all get punctures).
  7. Don’t overlap wheels. The road is full of holes and covered in puddles. Riders often have to move out quickly. If you’re overlapping their rear wheel, they’ll take you out when they move and we’ll all be in a heap on the floor.

Youth riders welcome. You will need your parents consent, and if you are under 16, you will need to be accompanied by a nominated adult club member to be responsible for you for the duration of the ride. See Youth Membership for more details.

There’s a great video from GCN on riding a chaingang. Take note though, we tend to run anti-clockwise.